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Our Frequently Asked Questions page seeks to answer any questions inquiring folks might have regarding the Karakachan Dog

  1. Do Karakachans make good house pets?  No.   Ideally, these are livestock guardians. They have been bred throughout the years with the purpose of enhancing their natural abilities and instincts as guardians. We do not recommend them as household pets. In order to maintain and improve upon their excellence as a guardian breed, they must remain as working livestock guardian dogs, generation after generation.
  2. Will they dig under fences?  Like many dogs, some, but not all, Karakachans like to dig. As with most undesirable behavior, early correction is vital to solving the problem.
  3. Will they chase livestock?  Karakachans, especially puppies, love to play. Some, but not all, will chase livestock for fun. If this occurs, it is important to teach the puppy immediately that it is NOT acceptable. Special care should be taken to introduce the dog to the livestock, especially the smallest members of the herd or flock, and to observe how he or she interacts with them.
  4. Will they get along with my house dogs?  Karakachan Dogs are very loving and loyal to animals and humans that they recognize as allies to their masters. To date, we have had no problems with our house dogs and the Karakachan Dogs fighting with each other. However, our two alpha male Karakachans have fought on occasion, and, as a result, one has been neutered.
  5. How big will they get?  Full-grown Karakachans can weigh as little as 65 pounds for a very small female and up to 130 pounds for a male. Average weight range is approximately 70 to 110 pounds.
  6. How are Karakachan Dogs with strangers and children?  All of our experiences with the Karakachans to date have found them to be very gentle with children.  Any humans introduced as being friendly to their master will typically be welcomed by the Karakachans, provided that they are not perceived as a threat to the livestock.
  7. I have chickens in my yard. Will they chase them?  Ideally, the dog should be introduced to the birds at around two months of age and taught that chasing is not acceptable.

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